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Being born in 1982 is a good thing. I think anyone born in the same year would agree. At this point in time though, in a generational void, the slew of people born in 1982 are finding it hard to find a place in life. Were not exactly generation-x nor are we old enough to appreciate a job or family.

School was a rather unpleasant experience. Looking at where I am now, estranged from anyone that I had ever met there, it seems almost as if I hadn't been at all. I see the school almost everyday, memories flood back, but there is a sense of uncertainty in there origins.

University, on the other hand, has been a more concrete experience. Instead of producing meaningless, institutionalised work, there is freedom in creativity. But I would not venture to say that school-art is a waste of time. If one student becomes frustrated enough to attempt to break the mould, and not fear failure for the sake of creative freedom, then the teacher has inadvertently done their job...

I was born Christian, although I have recently become Gumby. There's something special about being America's favourite clay-boy.

I have never mowed the lawn in my entire life. I have only washed the dishes on several occasions. I used to clean out my rabbits house, but then I stopped. I've only sometimes picked up my dogs poop. I've made my bed a few times, but I've forgotten how to do it so the covers don't come off half way in the night and I wake up with frostbite (no offence to people who have actually suffered frost bite). This has left me with a lack of sense of responsibility, and two untrustworthy parents. It's my own fault I suspect, somehow.

I like to draw, but I don't like to paint too much. I try to draw whenever I can. This happens to be a some inopportune moments, admittedly - it happens to be during a lecture or something. Its not my fault really, I have to fill a page with something. I also like to write sometimes, I spend a lot of my time writing things to people, being on the internet as often as I am. I write on things like desks when I get the chance, and I have extended myself to write some poems. I love to read and I believe there is something beautiful about an old book. Something older than myself, passed on from one person to another.

I also am very fond of music, and I often play the guitar, bass, venture to play the keyboard and own my very own bongo drums, a tambourine and a mini-sitar. I listen to a lot of music, but I go through phases. From balls to the wall rock 'n roll to more mellow sounds, I try to retain a taste in music created by people, not machines.

I hope that you can take something from this site. Admittedly it is not spectacular as anything you could see in any art book, or on (thanks John). It is more fittingly in the realm of a cereal box, or in a page in a bored students book.

See. Think. Defeat Me.